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When you cease to dream you cease to live.

Scary Bit

Few weeks ago I dreamt of a long bus ride. I woke up in an empty bus in the middle of the night at an eerily quiet place. A small well-lit bus stop with not a human in sight. I got off the bus and walked out of the station only to realise I am middle of a sugarcane field.

The cell phone battery died. First I stayed at the station but realized my sis in law was missing too. I started to walk to get help. There were houses but no one outside. I walked for an hour then found my sister in law who, along with a few other people was looking for something or somebody. It wasn’t me.

Then we start to walk together.

I remember I wasn’t scared, just panicked that I was lost.

  • Anu Sharma

    Author: Anu Sharma


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