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Married or Single, Young or Old, you are a dreamer, and will one day know that your life was just a dream.

The wedding day delimma

July 28th, 2016. Chavi Grover

Last night, I dreamt that it was my wedding day. i came to my wedding with my in-laws wearing a dress they gave me. It was beautiful but had long slits on the sides. It was blue, quiet plain at the bottom, but heavily beaded and embroidered at the top. I didn’t feel right about the dress- it was not something a bride would wear. I wore it anyway to make them happy but fully aware I had my other dress in the car. As i reached the church room entrance, I heard the song came on for the bride to walk down the aisle. I rushed back to the car to change into an actual wedding dress. Got married.

Then I saw a few people whom I haven’t seen in a while. In the dream, I couldn’t figure out why they were at my wedding- because I didn’t invite them!

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