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When you cease to dream you cease to live.


September 5th, 2016. Anu Sharma

I remember I used to get scary snake dreams so someone asked me to do a shivji’s pooja. I did and the same might I dreamt of a “animated” cute snake asking me to come play with him .. I am slightly less scared of snakes now.. like I wont be paralysed after seeing them.. LOL

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Animals in Dreams

August 29th, 2016. Krishna Rao

Animals in dreams can be extremely helpful in gaining insight into ourselves – into our psyche. Animal dreams deal with strong emotion and are usually indicative of “prime root” issues in our lives.

Animals in dreams signify our basic instincts, our deepest emotions. They appeal to our deepest desire to be wild and free.

When investigating our animals in dreams, it is important to recall as many aspects of the dream as possible. Here are somethings to keep in mind as you consider your animals in dreams:

Is this a wild animal or tame?
Is the animal neglected or healthy?
What is the environment of the animal?
Are you interacting with the animal, or viewing from a distance?
From which of the four directions does the animal come?
How is the animal moving? Away from you or towards you? Fast or slow?

All of these factors play a part in determining the meaning of your dream animal.

Animals in dreams are strong communicators. When they make the effort to surface in our dreams, it is our responsibility to discover what message they are trying to communicate to us.

However, seeing different animals may have different indications. Like seeing Ants, Bears, Peacock, Serpent etc. may be indicative of different situations in your life.

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