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Yesterday exists only in today's memory, and tomorrow lives in today's dreams.


If there is anything about our dream or our dream interpretation that is really interesting, then that would have to be about success and fortune.
Basically, it is said that dreams are the extension of our subconscious and that there are several reasons for its existence in our sleep. Dreams usually happen during your REM or Rapid Eye Movement, as researches suggest, which also helps the brain establish neural connections especially in its visual areas. With this belief, even a fetus which grows silently in its mother’s womb is already believed to be “seeing” things through its brain even before it sees its first light.
Moving back to dreams of success and fortune, it is believed that majority of these dreams reflect something that is positive. Though each dream is unique and may carry a different meaning for every person or dreamer, the fact remains that something good is about to come forth.

  • Author: Krishna Rao


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