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The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

About Dreams

Dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep. They reflect a mix of your past experiences with possible images from your present and sometime future events also.

While dreams are seen in a totally independent realm, these may have characters or people from your current life. It is hard to say whether one should take them seriously or not but dreams unquestionably portray your being in a cryptic manner. Many mystics or Gurus, sometimes define dreams as messages from your masters and angels who help you lead this life and warn you about emerging scenarios and protect you from unpleasant situations.

In modern times, dreams have been seen as connection with the unconscious mind. It is said that your mind captures every minutest image of sound which it passes through while you lead your life. But you record or memorize the images which you feel are important for you. The mind then jumbles all those images and sounds, sometimes mixes in a perception or intuition of future events, and makes a story beyond one’s understanding. In an effort to decode the messages, the experts and enthusiasts in the field mystical science have created an enormous library of reference points such as books, websites, video channels on the internet.

The length of the dream may vary from few seconds to 20-30 minutes. Typically dreams are forgotten with few minutes after waking up but some dreams create a memory for long. It is also reported that people getting same or similar dream over and over again. There have been various instances of people getting overwhelmed or restless and tend to show emotions (laughing or shouting) while dreaming. While researchers are trying to decipher a connection between the two worlds, one cannot ignore many experiences shared by enthusiasts about their dream coming true, sometimes even more than a few times.
Interestingly, there have been instances when two or more persons see the same dream at same time or at different times. Or it may be happening that we appear in each other’s dreams simultaneously. But seldom, people get the opportunity to talk to other, unknown, dreamers about the kind of dreaming experiences they had and to find out if there are more people experiencing the similar dreams.

The mission of this website is to encourage all dreamers to share their experiences with other enthusiasts and to provide a common platform to talk about and learn the nature of dreams. We hope to build a community of people interested in real life experiences to that will help us understand the world of dreams and its connection with our present life.

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